Lorna Hart

Lorna has loved art all her life but has only had time to paint regularly since retiring.   She has lived in Portugal for the past 4 years.   Her favourite painter is Vincent van Gogh.  You can contact Lorna on:


Els Smulders-Waijers

​Els is Dutch and lives in Mendeira, Cernache do Bonjardim.  She is a teacher of drawing, painting and art history.  She can teach up to 50 people at one time in her studio and regularly publishes articles on Art. Her work includes experimental paintings, portraits, landscapes.   Click to visit Els' website:

Maria Joao Neves

​Maria lives in Santarem.  She loves watercolour and drawing.  She paints human figures and portraits, exploring realism, conceptualism and symbolism..    She also illustrates books and periodicals, and she takes commissions.  Please visit her website:

Marsha Turner Pluhar

​Marsha is a painter and printmaker graduated from the Laguna College of Art and Design, and graduated from the Business Management for the Arts at the University of Southern California.    She has exhibited in many Californian galleries and exhibitions.   For more information on Marsha please email her on


Rebecca Rason Flor Ferreira

During the past 15 years Rebecca has taken part in many exhibitions and this has resulted in many commissions both in the UK and Portugal.  Portraits of dogs are her passion but she also paints many other subjects, in a variety of mediums and techniques.  She also founded the "Create Portugal" artists network.  She is available for commissions.

Luis Baptista

Luis was born in Lisbon in 1961 and lives alone.  He worked for 15 years in advertising as a graphic designer.  In 1995 he moved to live in the countryside.   He does illustration, comics, paintings, murals and sculpture.  He also teaches Yoga and finds his spiritual life helps in his creative life.  Please visit Luis's website:

Catherine Sens

This beautiful painting of a horse is by Catherine Sens who has lived to the northeast of Tomar for over 7 years.   Catherine specialise in horse portraits and will take commissions.  You can email Catherine on:


Portugal is home to many talented artists, professional and amateur.   Many belong to an organisation called CREATE PORTUGAL, cooperating in organising exhibitions and other cultural events during the year.   Most  have their own website (links below) or an email is shown.  You can contact these artists or just view more of their work on these websites.

Create Portugal Blogspot Contact:

Mary St George

Mary has lived and studied in the USA where she grew up, in the UK and Portugal where she lives now.  Originally an architect, she moved into teaching art and design at a British School in Portugal.  After retiring from full-time teaching she studied painting and etching.   Much more information on Mary's website: