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Save £1,000's when transferring money abroad
using our recommended foreign exchange specialist Pure FX. They'll get you an exchange rate up to 5% better than your high street bank guaranteed, meaning you're getting up to £5,000 more for your money on every £100,000 transferred. What's more, you can be sure your money is safe with Pure FX, because they're directly authorised by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority.
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When you have finally decided on a move to live in Portugal (or any other European country) it is financially very beneficial to use a Currency Exchange company to move your money from one country to another.   The rate of exchange you will receive is much better than the banks will give you.   

Personally I have used the same company for over four years and calculate that I have saved hundreds of pounds in currency charges.   This is especially true when transferring large sums to purchase a property.  Depending on the value of the property you are buying, the savings can be hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

There are many currency exchange companies available.   You need to contact them to open an account, with a UK address and proof of residency (invoices for utilities, etc.)

This-is-Portugal have teamed up with Pure FX to help you transfer money abroad. Every year Pure FX help thousands of individuals save money on their foreign currency payments for property purchase, emigration, overseas mortgage repayments, etc.

  • Pure FX offer foreign currency exchange and international payment services, which means:
  • Significant savings for transferring your money abroad
  • Forward buying (securing exchange rates in advance to ensure your property does not become unaffordable)
  • Management of your currency risk, which is essential on large transfers
  • Keeping you updated throughout the entire process
  • Immediate notification of your payments by way of an International Transfer Receipt, issued by Lloyds Bank
  • All your transfers are made through Lloyds Bank by priority same day transfer, so your funds will arrive on the same day
  • By involving Pure FX, they will ensure that your payments are made in good time to meet all your deadlines

Most clients want to obtain the best exchange rate so Pure FX have six different sources to shop between, that way you can be sure the exchange rate you receive will be better. They exchange currency in large volumes on a daily basis and send millions of pounds of foreign currency around the globe, they are able to offer the best exchange rates and protect you from rate fluctuations. Also, they keep an eye on the markets to ensure they execute your transfer at the most opportune time.